Indian Surfactants 2017

Neil A Burns LLC and Reed Business Information Ltd., part of Reed Elsevier plc, of the UK have a joint venture for the production of surfactant conferences & training courses on the subject of surfactants. The JV currently produces four conferences per year in North America, Europe, India and Asia.

The events are commercial in focus with participation by executives in functions including general management, marketing, purchasing, supply chain, sales, operations and ownership. The entire supply chain is represented from the palm plantation and oilfield, through to the supermarket shelf. Each conference is packed into a convenient and efficient one and a half day format and some events are preceded by a specialized seminar as an option for attendees.

The current surfactant training course offering is the Surfactant Business Essentials Course. This is a full day course covering surfactant industry fundamentals from production technologies and economics to feed-stocks and new developments, market dynamics, pricing, key drivers, trends and opportunities.

Each conference is co-produced and chaired by Neil Burns. Each course is taught by Neil.

The following videos and photographs give you a brief overview of what the conferences are about and who attends.